Thursday, February 23, 2012


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Sociopolitical website TR Emeritus (TRE) explained in a statement on Thursday why it intends to resist legal action brought on by Mr Lee Hsien Yang, saying that his case is different from that of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Mr Lee Hsien Yang is the brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The TRE editorial team, which announced this on its website on Thursday, said this case is different from the one initiated by Prime Minister Lee.

It said that in the case of the Prime Minister, it had made a serious error by allowing a defamatory article submitted by a contributor to be published.

The post, made by a contributor sometime on or around last Thursday, had alleged cronyism in the appointment of Madam Ho Ching as the chief executive of Temasek Holdings.

Madam Ho is Mr Lee's wife and Temasek Holdings is the Government's investment arm.

Yesterday, TRE also said it was provided with information by the law firm pertaining to Madam Ho's appointment.

The information "showed that Mr Lee was not involved in the decision-making process".

"As a matter of fact, Mr Lee was against the idea from the onset," said TRE.

The apology was pre-drafted by Mr Lee's lawyer, Mr Davinder Singh of Drew & Napier.

It said that TRE has recognised that last Thursday's post "meant or was understood to mean" that Mr Lee had "secured or was instrumental in securing" Madam Ho's appointment.

"We admit and acknowledge that this allegation is false and completely without foundation."

The post was taken down on Sunday.The apology ends with Mr Wan reminding TRE readers and contributors to refrain from intentionally using language that is libellous, defamatory, obscene, abusive or discriminatory.

He also advised TRE readers against making comments about Madam Ho with regard to her appointment in Temasek Holdings. "Any such allegations put up by anyone on TRE will be deleted," he added.

Mr Wan is one of five editors running TRE, and is the only one based here. He appeared for the first time in public at a forum last Wednesday.

The TRE's editorial team yesterday posted an article entitled, "Let's all chip in to help make TRE truly a community site for Singaporeans".

The article reminded readers that TRE is not a "no holds barred" website, adding: "Pay particular attention to making comments that may be defamatory to others. Such comments will also be deleted if our moderators come across them."

Mr Lee's press secretary said in an e-mail yesterday that the Prime Minister has noted the removal of the article on TRE and that the site has apologised.

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